When working on construction sites or interior spaces, cigarettes pose a great safety hazard. They are a potential cause of fire given the many flammable products used in such work. That said, workers in these spaces often need that nicotine rush from tobacco to stay active.

This can be achieved safely by adopting snus as an alternative. The traditional form of smokeless tobacco has been modernised using well-packaged Snus nicotine pouches that are both stylish and safe for the environment – and the user. The online website Northerner has snus available in a wide variety of flavours. They also stock tobacco-free snus that gives the kick without the tobacco effect.

They are available for £3.19 a piece and £31.90 for a 10-piece pack. In construction spaces, these can be used without irritating other workers or having to step aside for a smoke in the middle of a working shift. It’s a win-win for everyone!