When you run an interior construction business, drumming up business is crucial. How to promote it can often be a difficult decision however. Your goal should be to highlight your previous good work so that your service appeals to customers. Here is how you can promote your business and gain new customers.

Display Walls

Whether it’s a show home or your company office, utilising display walls can be great for promotion purposes. You should create a gallery wall using picture frames from Poster Store, containing good shots of your previous projects to showcase what you’re best at to your customers. A well placed gallery wall in a show home can help potential customers see the quality of your construction work.

Advertising Campaigns

Whilst it may seem obvious, advertising is the most effective way of promoting a business. How can people see what you have to offer if they’ve never heard of you? Do a good advertising campaign to boost your profile. For instance, you could coordinate your advertising across different platforms so you reach a larger audience.


Word-of-mouth can be a very effective way of spreading the word about your construction business. Whether you specialise in the interior construction of small houses or large office-blocks, encouraging customers to review your work online and tell friends about you can make a large difference.