What makes your home truly home? Well, many things, but nothing gets the job done like family photos. However, incorporating pictures into your interior design can be a hard nut to crack. First, you have to consider the overall ambience of your space, other art pieces, and colour schemes. Thankfully, this post looks at three tips and tricks to help you navigate the challenge.

A Family Gallery Wall

Your home is all about your family, and a good photo can tell your story. A reliable way is to have the images taken and processed by a professional. Using clean white backgrounds and wooden picture frames is a great way to display your images elegantly. Remember to place your photos where everyone can see them, for instance, in the living room.

Grid Arrangement

Forget about a giant photo with a portrait of every member; here is another way to do it. Hang a picture of every family individual taken separately. One good thing about this is that the grid doesn’t have to be complex. For instance, a grid of four pictures could do the trick. You can have two or more pieces, depending on the size of your space.

Colour-Coordinated Display

A ruby-red frame will pop up against your walls instantly. Different family photos set in monochromatic sepia hues save the former from being merely wall art. We’re talking of a two-colour interplay fused with a bold chromatic contrast to create a perfect look.

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