Interior designers have to make sure their clients fall in love with every room that they walk into. Interior designers work hand in hand with homeowners to make sure that their home has the unique style that they desire. It is difficult for homeowners to begin an interior design project with a professional without understanding interior design basics and the principles of interior design. To achieve this, always go for the following:


Balance is key to creating a great interior design. Elements should be distributed evenly to make an almost perfect visual balance, if not perfect. This can be achieved through the introduction of different forms, textures, and colours. To create balance, you should consider:

  • Visual weight

This is the imaginary weight given by the eye. You should not use the same colour on everything or use heavy materials on everything.

  • Symmetry

Symmetry can be achieved through the use of the mirror effect. Splitting the room in half and determining the focal point is the key here.


It is mainly used to create organization and order in a room. You have to pay attention to the elements’ alignment to create a sharp, orderly design. Determining a central line is the first step in the right direction.


This is the creation of a focal point in a room. This helps draw people’s attention to a certain position. This principle helps interior designers determine which items should take supportive roles and which ones will play dominant roles in a room. Focal points can be created through isolation, placement, and contrast.


This refers to the relationship between the available space and the object’s size. To achieve proportion, one should consider the functions and size of a certain room. Picking the right walkways and cabinetry will make the design aesthetically pleasing.