There are many different tradespeople that work in the interior construction industry whose work is basically behind the scenes. It is often not visual, and they may not get the recognition that is deserved for their efforts. However, one that does not fit into this category, are the painters and decorators. Their work is totally visible, and as such, they are judged accordingly. Not only by the clients that own the building that is under construction, but by those at that will be visiting it. As such, there is a lot of extra pressure put on painters and decorators.

Relying on other Trades

However, the quality of their work partially relies on the tradespeople that came before them. In order for the painters and decorators to be able to do their work, they have to have finished surfaces to work on. This is work that is been completed by the other tradespeople such as the plasterers‘ drywall finishers and lathers. If there has been any imperfections in their work, it is going to show through the painter and decorators finished project. If this is noticed, then repairs have to be done quickly before these particular professionals can continue.

Skills and Training

The skills that are required can be gained partially through courses as well as experience. There are a lot that want to enter this trade that will do so as part of an internship where they can learn hands-on while on the job.

The more experience the novice painter and decorator develops, the more responsibility they will be given. They can combine this type of experience with taking some courses that will teach them many of the things at they may not be learn from the hands-on experience.