Living in a van is all about what you make of it. Ideally, van life is about freedom, moving away from typical apartment life and living on your terms. Just like with home living, you need to choose the perfect van, install some essential comforts such as electrical wiring, plumbing fixtures, and van racks from, among other things.

Choosing the layout of your van is a big commitment. The last thing you should wish for is a disappointment after you are done recreating your small home. To help you get started, this write-up shares some practical van house design tips for your next build.

Have a Kitchen

A kitchen is the hub of any living space. This means that you need to integrate the kitchen with your design and do justice to it. You might have an open kitchen with a water tank and some stove. It would help, if you also had some shelves and drawers to stack your appliances.

Plan for the Number of People Living in the Van

How many people will be living in your van? One, two, or even more? Do you have a pet? The higher the number, the greater the need for bed and hangout space for everyone in the van.

Consider Your Storage Needs

You also need to pay attention to the availability of ample storage space when designing your van’s interiors. Pay attention to the volume of clothes, electronics, books, and other household essentials. Make sure your design offers you the space you need to store everything you will be bringing.

Besides these three things, you also need to pay attention to a host of other design features such as lighting, sleeping areas, toilet furniture, and general aesthetics. And most importantly, pay attention to your budget.