Interior construction projects are comprised of new builds, as well as the refurbishment of the interior of many different types of buildings. Therefore, it belongs to commercial industries as well as the private sector.


There are many industries throughout the UK that need an overhaul or total refurbishment of their businesses. This is applicable to both commercial entities as well as residential.

New interior builds

New interior builds will follow the exterior construction projects. Many times both are ongoing at the same time as progress allows.


The interior fit out and refurbish market has been one that has been seeing a lot of growth, especially as the UK economy came out of the recession. It has been the office industry as well as the retail sector that has helped to generate the growth. Financially, many refurbishments have made more sense then rebuilds. It allows the business industries to re-brand themselves. Between the years of 2014 and 2015, new builds began to grow in popularity, which then increased the need for interior construction.

The refurbishment has its advantages as it is a replacement for those business entities that are having difficulty finding Grade A space.

Commercial Office Space

Out of the many different sectors that use both refurbishment and fit out, it is the commercial offices that take the lead at about 27%. Commercial offices are not the only ones in the business sector that use these type of services, as there are many other groups as well. This includes education, hotels, different food service categories, hospitals, healthcare facilities and others.

Refurbishment and refit is often the choice not only for financial reasons, but for convenience as well. It is much easier for many businesses to have an upgrade as such, rather than have to go through a large move, even for small entities.

Aside from not having quality space available to do this, there is the interruption of business that is substantial through a move. For those entities that have outgrown their space, a new build may be the better option for them, so they will have to utilize the interior construction services for the new build.

Interior Construction Professionals

The interior construction industry has many different categories within it that demand the need for different professionals. These include…

  • Project construction managers
  • Interior designers
  • Estimators
  • Space planners
  • Site managers

Interior Construction Tradespeople

Aside from the many different professionals needed in this industry, there is also a need for tradespeople. These include….

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Carpenters
  • Paint and Decorators

As well as several other trades.

With the need for so many different types of professionals, this industry plays an extremely important role in the employment sector.