Electricians are usually one of the first levels of tradespeople that are called in for an interior construction project. It is not unusual to see electricians and plumbers working on a project simultaneously. The type of work that they have to do is on the bare construction of the interior, therefore, many of the other tradespeople are not able to start their work until the electrician’s work has been finished.

The electricians will work off of the build plan, and will be required to follow all of the building code regulations for the electrical work. If there is something wrong where a plan is not compliant, they will have to go back to the planning department to get this straightened out.

Different Requirements

The plan is important to the electrician because they must know what the finished layout of the building is going to be, and what the electrical requirements are going to consist of. Depending on the type of building, this can vary greatly. There are different requirements for commercial industries, and different requirements within each industry. These can vary greatly from what the residential sector requires.

Some electricians will specialize in residential only, and then there are those that specialize in the commercial entities.