When starting an interior design project it is a common mistake to forget about the choice of curtains. These items are crucial for conveying the overall character of a room. The best site to order them from is BGA. Their catalogue offers an extensive range of curtains that will fit well within a plethora of different interiors.

Letting In Enough Light

This is one of the biggest factors that will determine the ideal choice of curtains. In recent years there has been a rise in young DIY-ers but not all of them appreciate the importance of lighting. The thickness and colour of a set of curtains will affect the amount of natural light that can fill the room. If there are mirrors then they will also play a role in reflecting the sunlight.

The Texture

People may assume that most curtains are very alike but this is not true. Each set will have its own texture which is usually dictated by what materials it is made from. People starting DIY projects will be pleased to know that the curtains from BGA come in a wide variety of different textures. In order to determine which one is best it is a good idea to analyse what other materials will be filling the room.

Sticking With A Colour Scheme

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid is using multiple hues that do not work well together. Instead an interior designer should decide on a specific scheme early on and stick with it when choosing curtains. They could read about the psychology of colour to help with their choice.

Patterned Or Plain

BGA provides curtains in one colour as well as patterned options. The right type will depend on the nature of the specific interior design project. Other elements within the room will also play an important role.