There are many different levels of expertise that are needed for an interior construction project. One of the roles that need filling is interior designer. Another role that is often required is that of space planners. Some interior designers take on this role as well. While other projects have positions open for both of these professionals. When this is the case, they need to work very closely together.

Difference in Projects

The space planner for the interior segment will need to work with what the building is providing them with. It may be that this is a refurbishing a project, or it may be a new build. Every project is different, and in some cases, the space planners will come in to plan the interior space after the shell of the building has been constructed.


The exterior build may have only been for the exterior shell, leaving a great deal of flexibility of what is going to be done with the internal space. The space planner now has to know what the purpose of the building is for, so they can plan the space out for its best functionality.

Working with the Designer

The designer will follow the lead of the space planner. The designer will be responsible for many of the furnishings and the best use of the space; and the space planner will decide what the best options are for the layout based on what the designer’s requirements are.