Plumbers play an important role in the interior construction industry. They will carry out their duties in new builds as well as in refurbishments. They are quite often the first level of tradespeople that are called in for an interior project. Much of their work has to be done before any of the other tradespeople are able to carry out their work.


Proper completion of the plumbing work is critically important. If any mistakes or flaws are made, repair of these after the other tradespeople have completed their work can be extremely difficult. It can lead to a lot of extra costs which puts a real burden of responsibility on the plumbers to ensure that their work is done properly.


Plumbers have to be licensed, and as such there are many different courses at that are available to them that will allow them to qualify for the licensing that is required. Often plumbers will also go into the heating industry, and offer dual services. Both require their own level of training and licensing.

With the number of new builds and refurbishments that take place in the UK, there is a great need for those in the plumbing profession.