Interior construction projects requires a lot of different expertise and tradespeople. Each of these has their own level of importance, and are critical to the success of the completion of the project.

One professional that has a great deal of responsibility in this type of work, is the project manager. This individual not only has their own specific duties to carry out, but also has to make sure that everyone that is working on the project is completing their work as expected.

Project Manager Duties

The project manager usually oversees the project from start to finish. They will be given the proper instructions and documentation from the planning department as to what the project entails. Usually, the project manager will have the task of making sure that all of the experts and tradespeople are brought on board.

Work Schedules

A work schedule will probably be drafted to be used as the guideline for the Project Manager so they know what is needed and who is going to be required for what. Once the proper personnel is put in place, the project manager then has to oversee each segment of the build or the refurbishment.


There are many challenges that the construction manager will face, and one of these is the timeline. Quite often, in the case of interior construction, the completion of one sector of the job is dependent on another. The workflow has to be consistent, and the project manager has to ensure that each of the tradespeople is working in conjunction with one another.


The project manager also has to be aware of potential delays which could come from the challenges that a particular group of tradespeople may be facing. Or it could be the result of a shortage of materials. These are all responsibilities that the project manager has to deal with, and he has to be able to provide the solutions.


Another responsibility is ensuring that the project is staying on track regarding its finances. There is a budget that has to be followed, and this can easily go off track depending on a variety of circumstances. If there is a work delay, it could mean paying overtime to the workers – which would have an impact on the overall budget. Most often there are some contingency plans when it comes to the budgets, but these can be utilized quickly, and can cause concerns for the project manager.

The project manager not only has to deal with the tradespeople doing the work, but he also has to deal with management. Sometimes, the project manager deals directly with the client. Other times they deal with upper management. They have to be able to have answers to any questions at all times, and are expected to have good people skills based on the many different categories of people that they have to deal with.