One area that is often ignored when it comes to construction and interior design is the elderly population. There is a lot of focus on what youngsters can do with their spaces, but people rarely talk about those who are old or retired. People in the construction and interior design industry should bear the following in mind when working with the elderly.

Simple Interior Design

Most elderly people struggle with mobility. Moving around might not be easy for them, so the designers must bear that in mind. They should not complicate things by adding too many stairs or distractions that might cause the elderly to stumble and fall. They should always remember that a home should feel safe at all times.

Easy to Clean Materials

When choosing accessories for the home, the attention should be on the materials used. The elderly do not have the energy to keep cleaning fabric or dusting hard to reach places. When doing construction or designing, companies should consider using easy to clean materials such as the ikea karlstad sofa cover and avoid items such as heavy fluffy carpets unless they are following specific directions.

Focus on the Bathroom and Toilet

There have been many cases of the elderly who slipped in the bathroom or toilet. These falls can be fatal. That is why the materials used to make floors should have a firm grip. There should also be supportive devices constructed in toilets and bathrooms to allow individuals to support themselves. There should also be a phone wired through into the bathroom so that people can make distress calls in case they are in an emergency and need help.

Disability Support

The older a person gets, the more likely they are to lose their ability to walk. People who are doing construction for the elderly should remember to leave room for disability support, such as a ramp for wheelchairs, in case it is needed. They should also leave sufficient space in rooms and doors in case a wheelchair or other devices have to be used around the house.

Rule of Practicality

The fundamental rule for construction, designing and decorating for the elderly is to ask yourself if what you want to do is practical. If you are the one doing the job, you should also never forget safety. Remember that there can be instances when construction companies get into legal trouble because they did not adhere to the requirements of working with the elderly. As much as it is essential to be practical, there should also be room for the owner of the house to give suggestions on what they want. As long as it is within reason, a good interior designer and a constructor should be able to achieve a good outcome.