An interior construction project is a busy worksite because there are so many different tradespeople that are required for its completion. This applies to both commercial as well as residential projects. Among all of the different tradespeople that are needed to be included are the floor covering installers. These are often individuals that are not thought of in regards to how important they are. This is because many that view the completed project, take their work for granted.


The flooring industry is a big industry in the UK, and it is one that is relied on heavily by the interior construction industry. There are different courses that are available for individuals that want to go into this career. There are different specialties that they may want to focus on.

Some will only take courses at that are for domestic installations, while others will opt to go for commercial. Either way, there is a certain level of education that is beneficial to help them get into their particular area of work that appeals to them the most.

Courses can range from working with different specialty materials such as a carpet fitting or natural floor coverings, or even working with vinyl installations.