Two groups of tradespeople that play an important role in interior construction projects are the drywall and finishers. They each have a specific segment of the project to complete.


These are professionals that are called in both for new builds and for refurbishment. Drywall is a very common component that is used in many different projects both in the commercial realm as well as residential. As such, it requires the proper professionals to do the installation of this material as well as finish the installation off so that the next group of professionals can move into do their work. Drywall can be used on both the walls and the ceiling, however, there are other choices such as plaster for the ceiling.


Most often, before the drywall finishers and the plasterers can go about their work, the lathers must perform their tasks. Their job is to create the framework that is necessary for the materials that are going to be used by the other groups. There are times were individuals will specialize in all three of these components meaning that they will be a drywall installer and finisher, as well as a plasterer. There are some companies offer these three levels of expertise. It is ideal for the interior construction projects to be able to hire one set of tradespeople that can carry out all of these three requirements rather than having to hire three separate companies.

Most often, with interior construction projects, one group of tradespeople is dependent on another before they can start their work. It means that these teams must work closely together so that one is not holding up the other. If a lather is slow in the production of their work, it means that the drywall finishers and plasterers cannot get started. Also, because the lather is laying the groundwork for what the other two are going to do, the integrity of their work is very important.