You will agree with me that the construction and interior industry has been revolutionised with wallpapers. Homeowners no longer have to spend huge amounts to have customised wall paint art – wallpapers do it all. They are available in almost any colour, and the catch is that they don’t fade with time like paint. Above all, you can choose to cover your walls with themed wallpapers of your favourite colours, teams, or celebrities you admire.

But is this alternative of paint worth the money? That’s what we want to explore in this article.

The Costs

One of the main advantages of wallpapers in interior design is affordability. Wallpapers transform an otherwise ugly wall into one of the most eye-catchy walls that set the tone and ambience of the entire room. Just stick them to the walls, and they hold up for a long time as long as they are maintained well. On average, wallpapers are cheaper compared to the expensive paint art, and the brilliant and luminous colour paints, and other art. In addition, wallpaper retailers like offer print and poster services meaning you can even print your image and stick it on your wall.

Time and Ease

There’s also the aspect of time where wallpapers beat paint and other forms of wall finishing. If the walls are ready, it can take just a single day to get the job done. Yes, a single day is enough to have your entire walls revamped with your favourite textile imitation, floral, or wood imitation wallpaper. Besides the reduction in time, you don’t have to wait for them to dry. Neither do you have to wait for the fumes to subsidise, as is the case with wall painting.

Are Wallpapers Durable?

Longevity is also a concern, and here again, wallpapers beat wall paint. On average, wall paint starts fading is say, 7 – 10 years. After this time, you will be calling the paint company once again. But wallpapers can hold up for a cool 15 years, and the advantage is, they don’t fade. However note, this is if you have the high-quality wallpaper, and you have been taking good care of it. Wallpapers require light wet wiping where necessary.

What Next?

Well, wallpapers are a great and cost-friendly way to finish your wall, as long as you use high -paper. Make sure to measure your walls to order enough rolls that will cover the entire walls. It is also important to understand the various types of wallpaper materials to find out which one will work best for you. Lastly, follow the sticking guides and tips to the latter for that neat wall, without folds, or creases.