There are many different levels of command when it comes to interior construction. This is because there are many different levels of the project that have to be completed. As such, it means that there are a lot of different tradespeople that are on site at any given time. Many times they are working side-by-side with each other. In other cases, one group of tradespeople will complete their responsibilities getting ready for the next level of tradespeople to come in. The site manager has a responsibility of overseeing all of these people.


Usually, the site manager will report to the project construction manager. The responsibilities are similar for these two professionals, however there are some differences. Rather than the project manager having to run around to each trades person, he is able to deal directly with the site manager, who deals directly with the tradespeople.

It creates a level of command which allows for a good flow of work progress throughout all of the teams. It allows the tradespeople to know directly who they need to report to with any issues or problems at that they may have.