While the interior construction industry is busy with commercial projects, there is still a large sector of those working in interior construction who specialize in residential only. For those, there could be a great increase of work in the future, as the Prime Minister is putting pressure on for new builds. New builds in residential means that the interior construction industry is going to be called on to complete the interiors of the residences that are built.


Those that work in the residential sector of this industry can specialize in the new builds, or in refurbishment or both, depending on how large they want to grow their own business.

They need to have all of the appropriate experts and professionals on hand to complete a project. Many individuals prefer to have their home refurbished rather than make a move, although the refurbishment can be expensive to do depending on what level they are going to. Some homeowners for their refurbishment will only bring in professionals for only some parts of the refurbishment project. Then there are others that want the job done in its entirety by professionals.

Levels of Difficulty

In some ways, doing a refurbishment can be more difficult for the interior construction professionals. They are not going to be making any major structural differences, therefore, they have to work with what is available to them. In some instances, this may limit them, especially for the architects, the planning sector, and the interior designers.

New Builds

New builds give a fresh foundation for the interior construction team. Once the structure is there, they know what that they have to work with, and can then do their projections and planning based on the client’s wants and needs.


The clients will usually work closely with each member of the interior construction team. They will work closely with the interior designer so that their plans are compatible with the other professionals that will be completing sectors of the work. For example, the interior designer will work closely with the space planner.


Costs are going to be involved, and the different professionals will have to stay within the jurisdiction of the estimator as to what these costs are going to be in order to stay on budget.

Interior construction projects even in the residential sector, demand a lot of teamwork among the professionals